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Edinburgh City Pass

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Edinburgh City Pass 2020

Experience amazing local sights with a difference

There’s more to Edinburgh than meets the average guidebook – and now the Inside Edinburgh City Pass can help you discover amazing local experiences you might otherwise miss.

Visit vaults under old Edinburgh, stand on top of towering monuments, see inside stately homes, delve deep in a coal mine, escape on a boat trip on the River Forth, be super-enthralled by the supernatural on a haunted history tour, marvel within a medieval house … pop them all and more into your pocket. Enjoy sights worth seeing, off the beaten track, away from the crowds, beyond the usual and near perfect.

Valid for one, two, or three days your Edinburgh City Pass includes free entry to 23 handpicked attractions plus intimate, memorable local guided tours. You also receive your Inside Edinburgh Guide with map, local tips and offers to make sure you get the very most from your trip.

Insightful and inspiring, the Inside Edinburgh City Pass is a winner for all ages and a great way to save money and time.

Get your own local guidebook with maps and local tips on where to go and what to see around Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh's rich history and local culture with entry to 22 handpicked attractions and tours plus airport return transport

You can either buy a physical pass or receive an eletronic version on your mobile and start sightseeing right away

One discounted ticket and 22 fantastic attractions - the more you see the more you save

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One, two or three days. You decide.